E-Marketing, the real digital revolution

Digital marketing

E-marketing offers many more options and opportunities!

Online marketing

Digital marketing: evolution rather than revolution!

The digital revolution is forcing every company that has not yet begun to digitalize to reinvent itself, even if it means seeing itself overtaken and excluded from its market. It has also empowered consumers. Thus, in order to cope with the evolution of consumer behaviour and information and communication technologies, it is important to integrate digital into your marketing strategy.


Focus its sales strategy on social networks to target modern B2B consumers, the social buyers.

Customer Experience

To offer customers a personalized experience so that their contact with the brand is unforgettable.

Instagram or Tik Tok?

Tik Tok or Instagram, these 2 social networks are among the trends to watch this year.

Marketing 3.0

Marketing 3.0 comes first and foremost

More than just a revolution, so-called 3.0 marketing is above all marketing because it takes up the principles of traditional marketing. If marketing 1.0 was centered on the product and marketing 2.0 on the customer, it focuses on the human being.

In marketing 3.0, consumers no longer exist as such. They have turned into multidimensional, spiritual and emotional human beings. The Marketing 3.0 framework therefore goes beyond customer satisfaction factors or meeting specific needs. Marketing 3.0 is about creating value for customers and the company at large.

Influence marketing

Micro-influencers, the new faces of marketing

If micro-influencers have become the new faces of marketing, it is because they are much less demanding and more affordable than star influencers. Although their subscriber numbers are average, they are proving to be extremely effective because of their high level of engagement and potentially strong proximity to their subscribers.

Buzz is at the service of the brand’s e-reputation!

Buzz Marketing

When web content makes the buzz

Closely related to content marketing and social media marketing, buzz marketing is all about creating viral content that can generate positive buzz. Its goal is to allow the company to take advantage of a consistent presence on the web and build an e-reputation in concrete.

Podcasts: an audio-visual marketing revolution

Easy to start and listen to, rich in learning and high added value, generating commitment… a podcast is the format par excellence that companies must integrate into their marketing strategy.

Mobile & Marketing

Marketing trends: everything goes through the mobile!

UX design & Data marketing

From data driven marketing to experience design

Data driven is based on the idea that data constitutes a wealth for any company in understanding user behaviour. This marketing approach allows the UX designer to adapt the design of the website to the objectives, behaviours and preferences of the users based on the levers at his disposal: ergonomics, functionality, accessibility and overall experience.

SXO: UX & SEO alliance

SXO: the new Ux and SEO revolution

Resulting from the UX and SEO alliance, SXO or Search eXperience Optimisation is a concept whose aim is to attract leads through SEO and then convert them through UX. It is therefore an improved version of the classic SEO that every company has every interest in favouring.